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Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

Per usual, India has been treating me so well. Time is flying by, one month managed to feel like one week and all of a sudden I have been here for almost two and a half months. It has been nothing short of exciting and there is so much more to come for the rest of the year. In September and half of October there have been a few major events that have been the most exciting for me.
First of all, Navratri. I'm sure some of you saw the mass amounts of pictures that my mom and I both posted but I figured nobody actually knew what it was about. Navratri is celebrated in different ways depending on what region of India you are in. In Gujarat it is celebrated for 10 nights with a traditional folk dance called Garba. I danced in a big air conditioned dome all 10 nights. (Although I never really felt the effects of the A/C)I typically got to the dome at 10pm and got home around 2am... sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Then, I woke up at 6:30am to go to school, came home at 4:30, took a n…

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