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The first few days

Today marks my fourth day in India and so far it has been amazing. I don't think it has hit me yet that I am actually in a different country but I do feel the difference in culture. I landed in Mumbai (after a 24 hour travel day) on Sunday the 6th and was met by my host father, host brother and future host father. From there we had about a four hour drive home to Surat where I met my host mom, sister, and grandparents. Monday was a holiday of Raksha Bandhan which means "bond of protection" between siblings. It is a tradition in which the brother promises to protect the sister(s). There are exchanges of sweets and gifts and a short ritual.
Everyone here has been so kind and welcoming to me, especially as I try to get over some gnarly jet-lag. 👎 I am slowly but surely learning the little day to day customs and ways of living.
Tomorrow I will start school and I am excited to begin keeping busy. I had a meeting today at the school to get my uniform, set up a bus stop and hav…

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